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Essence Of Hispanic Genius

The Essence of Hispanic Genius During the Renaissance Era

There is no denying that some incredible things come from the Spanish culture, but perhaps the largest portrayal of the essence of Hispanic genius came during the Renaissance Era.

What Was the Renaissance Era?

The Renaissance Era was a time in Italian and Spanish history after what is known as the Dark Ages and the terror of the Black Death. The word “renaissance” is a French term meaning “rebirth”. It is a fitting term as it was during the Renaissance that a wave of freshness came over Italian art, literature, music, exploration, and more.

Famous Renaissance Figures in History

It would be difficult to put together a comprehensive list of every Italian who contributed to the Renaissance era, but here are a few famous Renaissance figures in history whose lives truly affected the Italian future:

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo developed a handful of incredible pieces in his time, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Truth be told, though, Leonardo spent much more of his time researching anything that he was curious about, like flight and anatomy. Still, the few works he did complete were incredible ones that are still admired today.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo was an Italian physicist, engineer, and astronomer who is still referenced today. In fact, he has been called the “father of modern science” among other things. He studied a wide variety of topics, but his observations of velocity, gravity, inertia, speed, and more are some of his most famous.


Michelangelo was the sculptor responsible for the David, but his most famous work is painted on the ceiling of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. This incredible work took him four years to complete.


For three of the four years that Michelangelo was working on the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling, Raphael was also working in the Vatican to produce The School of Athens.


Italian sculptor Donatello was another well known Renaissance figure. He is responsible for one of the doors of the Baptistery of Florence Cathedral, the statue of Saint John the Evangelist, the Saint Louis of Toulouse, and more.

Sandro Boticelli

Italian painter Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, better known as Sandro Botticelli, paints a variety of subjects ranging from religious ones to mythological ones. His best-known works are Madonna and Childs, The Birth of Venus, and Primavera.

Filippo Brunelleschi

Brunelleschi was an architect and sculptor who is often considered to be responsible for Renaissance architecture. He designed the Florence Cathedral dome and two bronze statues on the altar of the Crucifix Chapel Pistoia Cathedral. He is also responsible for the linear perspective technique used in arts for several centuries as well as designed ships.

It would require a series of books to cover all of the Italian genii that have had a part in shaping the world, but those listed here have made large contributions to the country’s overall lifestyle and pride. This is merely a taste of what is available. For more interesting facts and even more interesting Italians, be sure you check out my trivia books.

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