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Learn the Culture

Learn the Language

      If you want to learn the Italian or Spanish language, start with learning more about the people who speak the language. These bilingual books will give you a broad overview of their societal accomplishments in a number of categories: Art, Business, Entertainment, Food, Geography, History, Literature, Music, Science and Sports. 

      This in part is also a story of immigrants coming to a new world where they must learn a new language in order to prosper. Not only do these bilingual books help you learn Italian or Spanish, but they can also help Italians, Spaniards and Hispanics learn the English language by building their vocabulary. It is a win-win for everyone.

      Below are two questions, one in the Italian language and the other in the Spanish language. Both are in English with a translation by a professional translator in either Italian or Spanish. Not only are these questions informative and fun to read, but they are filled with people who learned to speak English and people who learned to speak Italian or Spanish.     



Luigi Da Porto, an Italian soldier and courtier, published a story by Masuccio in 1530. The story, with its definitive plot and characters, reached Shakespeare through English translators. *What was Shakespeare’s title of Da Porto’s story?  (Hint: World’s most famous lovers.)


Nel 1530 Luigi Da Porto, un soldato e cortigiano italiano, pubblicò una storia di Masuccio che, una volta tradotta in inglese, fu letta da Shakespeare che ne trasse una sua opera. *Qual'era il titolo dell'adattamento di Shakespeare della storia di Da Porto? (Ha a che fare con gli amanti più famosi del mondo).

ANSWERS/RISPOSTE Romeo and Juliet (Giulietta e Romeo)



Chili con carne, a generous mixture of chili peppers, meat, beans, and spices, was developed by Mexican Americans and first appeared in this city around 1880. *Identify the city of its birth? 

a] El Paso, TX b] San Diego, CA c] San Antonio, TX


El Chile con carne, una mezcla copiosa de chiles, carne, frijoles, y especias, de origen mexicoamericano, apareció originariamente en esta ciudad cerca de 1880. *¿Cuál es la ciudad de origen? 

a] El Paso, TX b] San Diego, CA c] San Antonio, TX   

ANSWERS/RESPUESTAS   c] San Antonio, Texas


By visually scanning the English and Spanish translations, you are able to see and learn a host of vocabulary words in both languages:

Here is an example:


Rich/Plentiful – Copiosa

Mixture – Mezcla

Meat – Carne

Beans – Frijoles

Spices – Especias

City -- Ciudad


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