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Hispanic American Style

Professor Patricia Bentivegna, Ph.D – Saint Francis University  

This compact book is a treasure trove of information on every aspect of the culture and history of Spain and Hispanic America and serves as a valuable resource for both the academic and the non-academic person. The format of question and answer gives readers an opportunity to review their own knowledge before looking up the answers. An added feature is the bilingual format enabling them to brush up on both English and Spanish. Highly recommended!


Enrique Triquillo – Oakland, Ca.

Though in many parts of the United States, fluent Spanish has become an advantage and even a necessity on one’s resume, much of the Hispanic culture has been overlooked.  Heritage Hispanic-American Style, in its easy-to-read bilingual format, sheds light on this multi-faceted culture and its many contributions.

Aunque en muchas partes de los Estados Unidos el dominio del espanol ha empezado a ser considerado como una ventaja y aun como una necesidad en un curriculum vitea, la cultura hispanica ha sido ignorada en gran parte. Patrimonio Hispanoamericano, con su formato billingue, se lee con agrado e informa sobre esta cultura polifacetica con sus numerosas aportaciones.


Raphel M. – American Canyon, Ca.    

My son brought this book home from school and wrote this for me. We read the book together. I could read the questions in Spanish. My son reads the answers in English.  He said a man donated a lot of books to his school. I looked at the picture on the back, I knew the man. Leone! I took the book for him to sign. He is very humble. Thank you Senior Leone!


Daniel Gutierrez –  Latino Motivator Speaker - Mindful Leadership Expert

The ideas and thoughts that flashed through my mind can be summarized in the word PRIDE. This book is an invaluable source of pride and understanding about the huge impact Hispanics have had on world history and culture, in sports, religion, the arts, literature, and many aspects of human endeavor.  Other words, came to mind in rapid succession, words like family, honor, respect and hard work.  These define for what it means to be a Latino, and go hand in hand with the Latin feelings that exist deep in my heart--the ones that I can never really put into words.  I am a proud Mexican American.

Italo G. Savella – 4.0 out of 5 stars- In defense of incorrectness political 

With his Heritage Hispanic-American Style, the sequel to the Italian-American one, Leon Radomile has set the standard for anyone who'd like to pay a tribute that is both informative and easy-to-read to his or her favorite ethnic group. This is not a work of profound scholarship, making no pretense of breaking new ground into the subject of, shall we say, hispanicity: Who is Hispanic? What does the term mean? Is it legitimate as a collective designation of some people or politically correct? It simply wants to give a heart-felt recognition to the millions who have contributed to making America the great country that it is, and who happen to speak, or hail from people that speak, the Spanish language in its multifarious variations of pronunciation and culture from Castile to Buenos Aires passing through the Caribbean and the Andean highlands.

I found it a mine of information that some may dismiss as trivial but is, instead, when you think of it, eye-opening and a source of pride. I had no idea that Admiral Farragut, the Civil War hero, was of Spanish ancestry, or that Luis Santeiro was behind the writing of Sesame Street, or that, as early as 1927, Cuban-born Ignacio Molinet played in an NFL franchise.



  • 2004 Latino Book Award Winner – Best History Category Sponsored by Latino

  • Literacy Now – Chicago Book Expo

  • 2004 BAIPA Award Winner – Best Cultural Guide

  • 2004 Latino Literary Award – Best History Book

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