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Italian American Style

Andrea Bocelli – Lajatico, Italy: 

I found your book to be a wonderful idea in communicating to America the many contributions of our Italian heritage.

(Yes, this is “the” Andrea Bocelli)


Albert H. Angelini – San Rafael, CA : 

Radomile’s presentation of Italian/American culture is a warm reflection on what has often been demeaned, or misrepresented in the press, or totally lacking in book form. I found so much information in such an easily obtainable manner that I could not put this outstanding presentation down until I literally devoured its contacts. A must read for all Italophiles.


Gerry M. Serianni – Lafayette Hill, PA: 

Bravo! I have been waiting a long time for a book like this. A work that should be in every Italian American home. Chock full of facts and fun from Da Vinci to Valentino, from Galileo to Zappa. Addicting!


Jean Barry – Boston, Massachusetts:

A wonderful book packed with information and references to expand your insights into the Italian/American contribution. A book you will be more apt to give than loan (you may not get it back) and you will definitely want to go to Italy! I look forward to the next edition.


Erik Swanson – Poughkeepsie, NY:

When I first saw the cover of this book, I automatically did what that old proverb said NOT to do. I judged the book by its cover. Instantly, when I saw the cover, I knew this had to be a great book. And you know something, I was right! I have enjoyed reading this book and be buying several copies for friends as it makes a perfect gift.  Commendatore to the author for totally succeeding in producing a spectacular publication.


Bob Massoni – Granite Bay, CA: 

The book is wonderful! Stayed up till 2:30 AM reading it.


Mary Ann Magnaghi – Corte Madera, CA:

Magnifico! I enjoyed the Heritage Italian American book immensely. Being Italian I found the book to be very informative and interesting. The book became a wonderful gift for my family and friends. A close friend, who is a teacher/priest, expressed to me how he was going to introduce the material in this book to his students.  He complimented the true educational benefits of this exceptional book. Thank you, Leon, job well done.


Yvonne Laurance – Mill Valley, CA: 

Heritage Italian American Style is a fun and informative book for all ages. Leon’s use of the question and answer format and choice of interesting and often times obscure facts makes this an addictive and interesting book, no matter what your ethnic background.  Thank you Leon!

Lea Oberlander – Rohnert Park, CA: 

I am a teacher and found this book immensely helpful with my Italian language students.  I use it as a supplement with the required Unified School District required curriculum.  To be quite honest, my students like the fun and entertaining format, plus learning many facts about the Italian culture. We have Italian foreign exchange students in our school and this book has been so helpful for all the students to communicate with each other because it its bilingual.  English and Italian. A bit plus!


Greg Brown – Sausalito, CA: 

My friend showed me this book, and even though I am not Italian, just like the subtitle say, “I wished I was” after reading it. This is really interesting stuff, and I couldn’t put it down.  I must say, the world would be a much more boring and less a wonderful place without all the contributions Italians have made.  This is a fun book to read and I will be giving copies as gifts to my Italian friends next Christmas! Good job Leon!


David Toschi – San Francisco, CA: 

I’ve read the book twice and have learned so many things about us Italians, but I’ve always been proud to be a paisano.


Bill Dal Cerro – Chicago, IL:

(passage taken from Fra Noi magazine article) 

Radomile speaks in the assured tone of someone who has really done his homework – and has he ever!  The 228-page book is written in the style of a long exam, broken into sections, with question after question following each other in rapid succession. The sheer volume of information is so intimidating that only the most die-hard Italophile can get through the book in one sitting. Italian Americans in particular.  


The Palermo Social Club – NY:

Resources such as your book are invaluable to everyone, Italian Americans in particular. We especially like the hard copy introductory price . . . $14.92 . . . can’t get much more Italian American than that!  Great job!


Giovanna De Santi-Merdina – San Diego, CA:

(editor, Amici Magazine) 

. . .by the way, the book is fabulous. I’ve only been able to skim through it since I’m under the gun for our Spring deadline, but I LOVE what I’ve seen already!!!

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