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How To Speak English Like An American

Learn How to Speak English Like An American Native

Having a combination of Spanish, Italian and English language skills is not only impressive, but also nearly a necessity. Diversity is a beautiful thing. It introduces us to new people, new ways of life, and new languages. To thrive in our incredible world, we need to be able to speak one another’s languages.

When you are ready, there are plenty of ways to learn English or to improve your English if you already speak some of the language. The following are just some of the most effective ways to do so:

Be Prepared to Practice


No one learns a language in a day. It takes years to learn a language- even your native language. That is why we are taught grammar and vocabulary throughout school. If you cannot learn your native language overnight, it makes no sense to believe you can learn any other language that quickly. Be prepared to practice English consistently for a long period of time for the best results.


Read Bilingual Books


Heritage Hispanic-American Style and Heritage Italian-American Style are entertaining bilingual trivia books in a question and answer format. Here’s a brief sample in Spanish: 770] Guadalupe Victoria, born Miguel Fernández Felix, holds what distinction in the history of Mexico?


?Por qué es notable en la historia de México Guadalupe Victoria, nacido Miguel Fernández Félix? 


In each Spanish/Hispanic and Italian bilingual trivia book, questions are listed in English and followed either in Spanish or Italian. In this bilingual format, you can instantly review and learn the translated word. You can then memorize the word or list it in a notebook to build your vocabulary.  

Bury Yourself In English


One of the best ways to learn how to speak English like an American is to surround yourself with the American language. Reading books is an excellent way to do this. A bilingual book can be very useful as you can see English and your native language together, making it easier to translate. Children’s books can be very effective, too, especially in the beginning.

Speaking is another way to surround yourself with it. Make friends or acquaintances with English speakers. Talk with them as much as you can. Even when you are not in the midst of a conversation, you can listen to them speak to others. Hearing English used in everyday settings can help you get a true feel for the language.



Many young children learn to read from sight words- words that they recognize on sight instead of sounding them out. Start with English, Spanish or Italian sight words to be able to read basic and common words.

Keep a List


Keep a running list of any words you hear or see and do not recognize. Later- during study time- you can look for the pronunciation and meaning of the words.

Set a Schedule


Make a study schedule. Try to practice every day- or at least several times a week- even if you can only get in 10 minutes a day. Consistency will help you meet your goals to improve your English, Spanish or Italian.

Get Help


There are many programs available- even mobile apps- that can help you with the English language. There are also many classes available. You do not have to do it all alone. Find something to make your study time more effective.

American Entertainment


Watching movies and TV, listening to the radio, and listening to audiobooks can help you get even more comfortable with the language. You will find yourself picking up on words you do not know.

Label Items


Look up the English words for items around your house. Put labels on them so you begin to associate that item with that word.


Those listed here are just a handful of ways you can learn or improve your English. Having dual Spanish or Italian and English skills is a personal enrichment that can improve your communication overall as well as open potential doors in your career and personal life.

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