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Italian Heritage Cultural IQ Quiz

Leon J. Radomile: The Man Behind the Italian Heritage Cultural IQ Quiz

My name is Leon J. Radomile, husband, father, grandfather, trivia lover, and non-fiction/fiction writer with an insatiable love of all things Italian. My interest in my heritage came years ago and immediately set me on a path of learning all that I could about my family line and the amazing people I descended from. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time finding products from Italian-American book writers that were not about cooking and wine, especially on American shelves.


I did not let that stop me, though. I continued to search until I found the information I longed for, often in encyclopedias and other reference books. For years, I absorbed Italian trivia as if it were water for my soul. My research led me to so many interesting facts about Italian and Italian-American history and life that I had to share it through a game I developed called, The Italian Heritage Game and later in my trivia books.

These books have helped to expand the offerings of Italian-American book writers in America, making the information more widely available to those as hungry for Italian related facts as I have been my entire life. There are nearly 1800 facts about everything Italian from history and geography, art and literature, science, sports, business, and cultural topics such as food and music. These facts can easily help you become an expert on your heritage.

I also created an Italian Heritage Cultural IQ Quiz in the 2000s, a fun and interesting way to determine just how much you know of your Italian heritage. It has become a popular tool among many. If you take the Italian Heritage Cultural IQ Quiz and score lower than you would like, fear not. My latest bilingual Italian trivia book can teach you all you need to know to increase your knowledge.

While those books are full of facts, I opted to write a semi-fictional novel based on a very real event in Italian history: The Battle of Lepanto of 1571. My novel- titled The Spear of Lepanto, is a two part epic adventure that illustrates the battle that saved Italy and Europe from Islamic rule and domination


You can view the music book trailer I produced for my novel with original lyrics titled, The Ballad of the Spear of Lepanto directly from my book website. You can also read the screenplay adaptation I wrote for the novel entitled: The Forgotten Adventures of Miguel de Cervantes (one of the major characters in the novel). The screenplay is 100 pages.

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