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Spear Of Lepanto

The Spear of Lepanto PRIMO Magazine – Truby Chiaviello

“The book contains all the elements of a great epic. If the book were written in the1940s, surely Hollywood would have made it into a matinee movie starring the likes of Tyrone Power or Errol Flynn.”​​​​   Author of Angels in Iron and Dream of Fire – Nicholas Prata “Historical fiction the way it ought to be! If you have tired of run-of-the-mill fiction and light, low calorie, actioners, then you should pick up ​The Spear of Lepanto ​ – it might just be the best read you’ll have all year.”   Midwest Book Review – Shirley Roe “Religious turmoil, savagery, violence, and deceit, all contribute to an exciting and fast-paced tale. A great book for history buffs and fans of historical fiction.”   
Readers Reviews   Carlisle, PA – Paul D.

I have to tell you, I really enjoyed your book. It took me a while to read it for two reasons. First, I’m not used to reading a book in a PDF format.  Luckily, my wife gave me a Kindle for Christmas and it made the reading very easy. The second reason it took a while was that I would often stop to Google a character or event to enhance my understanding of the person or event. That certainly does not take away from your character development, because I thought it very rich and in-depth. Your history is very accurate and spot-on. Your account of the battle itself was a nail biter. To be honest, there were several instances where I would pause in the story at a critical point in the action because I just didn’t want to see which way the plot would go. From a Catholic perspective, I thought the book presented the Church, the Rosary, and especially our Lady in glorious light.  I will recommend your book to the Home School group within our community for the upper-middle and high school kids.  We belong to Mater Dei Community, a traditional Latin Mass community here in the Harrisburg, PA diocese. We are starting a formal school for next fall that will teach traditional Catholic values as well as the classics. ​The Spear of Lepanto ​ goes a long way to promote those values. 
Novato, CA - Terri C.

“​A soaring tale of epic proportions, ​The Spear of Lepanto ​ is a fascinating look at the struggle between Christendom and the Ottoman Empire. Whether the major protagonists including a young Miguel de Cervantes are battling Barbary pirates or running a clandestine intrusion within the walls of Topkapi Palace in Constantinople, the reader will be glued to each action-packed page of this engrossing adventure. 
Greenbrae, CA - Greg B.

“​This book is just dripping with character and history. The legendary writer, Miguel de Cervantes was vividly portrayed. His exploits leading up to and during the Battle of Lepanto were memorable. For me, the Cervantes character became a kindred spirit. It was one of those books that I kept finding reasons to wander out on my porch to keep reading - a true page-turner.” San Rafael, CA - John W. “When I finished ​The Spear of Lepanto Book One ​ , it was exciting for me to hear that author Leon J. Radomile was working on Book Two. I had made such a connection with all of the characters and I wanted to see more. “See” is the operative word as Radomile’s writing style allows the reader to see the characters in action; to visualize the drama as it unfolds, and to imagine life as it may have been from 1570 to 1580. 
The voyage and the intrigue that surrounds the effort to recapture the Spear was compelling to me. As an avid reader of historical fiction, I was unfamiliar with this time period turmoil and the clash of cultures that threaten Europe. It was a joy for me to get a second chance to switch on my imagination with Book Two and revisit this fascinating story and the author’s unique and very believable characters. Word on printed page is one of life’s most wonderful treasures. Radomile’s ability to use the written word to transport the reader to these various locations with his captivating characters and incredible ploy, while keeping true to historical fact is a gift. I enjoyed both Books One and Two immensely and would be happy to recommend it. I hope that he continues to write and share his gift with the world. I’d love to see more coming from him.” 



Heather Froeschl - Book, Madison, WI

"The Spear of Lepanto is an interesting and enthralling glimpse at historic events.  The book is full of old world adventure but also touches on timeless romance and heroism."

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