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Confessions of an Italophile

March 30, 2017

I am proud to say without reservation that I am in love. I love my wife and two daughters and am completely smitten by my granddaughters. Beyond the love for my family, I love America, my Catholic faith, my home, and my friends. In that mix of people, places, and thing...

March 30, 2017




Algiers - September 1580

The sun blazed down on the courtyard of the Kasbah, high above the bay and city of Algiers. There, a prisoner stood chained between two wooden posts as a whip stung his flesh with masterful precision.

His chilling shr...

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      Thank you for visiting my website. Rather than bore you with a thumbnail sketch of my life, I will address the real reason for your visit today. You are here to see if you can pass my 10 question Italian Heritage Cultural IQ Quiz. But relax, your passion for Italian Trivia is understandable and shared also by me.

      My passion for all things Italian resulted in the Italian Heritage Trivia Game, which I created in the late 1980’s. This was followed by two editions of my best-selling books, Heritage Italian-America Style, and a Spanish/Hispanic version in 2003. All the books are bilingual, for those wanting to sharpen their Italian and Spanish language skills in an entertaining fashion.

      With all this collected information, I also launched Italian-themed crossword puzzles for various Italian-American newspapers and magazines. The popular puzzles currently appear in The National Italian American Foundation’s Ambassador magazine.   

       I found that many Italian Americans like me, also have an interest in their Italian genealogy. I was able to obtain a genealogical report on the Radomile family from my Uncle Tony. After translating the document into English, I was shocked to discover that the Radomile name was not Italian, but Slavic. It went on to say that the Radomile clan arrived in Italy from Bosnia during the 16th century.

       Well, this was all the inspiration I needed to take on the daunting task of writing a historical novel: The Spear of Lepanto. I based my story on the 1571 Battle of Lepanto, which saved Italy and Europe from Turkish Islamic domination.

        I hope you take a moment to view The Spear of Lepanto music video book trailer and read the reviews of my epic adventure novel. A friend, Don Trotta, wrote the lyrics and music for The Ballad of the Spear, featured in the trailer. Don, with Chris Caselli, performed the guitar musical background. All this was recorded at, A Room With A View Studios, in Petaluma, CA. Check out link below:


         The relief and satisfaction of the novel's completion lasted until I awoke one morning with a new challenge whirling in my mind: why not write a screenplay adaptation of The Spear of Lepanto?  The number one comment about the novel was that it would make a fantastic movie or a great television series. I soon discovered, however, that screenplay writing was a whole different method of composition, and that communicating visual was fundamental. It took me several years to learn the process which resulted in: The Forgotten Adventures of Miguel de Cervantes.

        Now, who has Coppola’s phone number and are Stallone and Pacino ready for their new roles? Well, you can always dream.

        If you have completed the quiz on the web page, you have discovered your Italian Cultural IQ. But, here is another offer you cannot refuse. Read my engrossing screenplay for FREE. Just click on the Screenplay Title Page, read a sample and if you like what you read, contact me at: Leoneradomile@gmail.com.  I will then email you a FREE PDF FILE of this exciting screenplay with my compliments. 

Sempre Avanti!



(707)755-3800   /    leoneradomile@gmail.com


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