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Reviews From Readers Of:


The Spear Of Lepanto

Heather Froeschl - Book, Madison, WI

"The Spear of Lepanto is an interesting and enthralling glimpse at historic events.  The book is full of old world adventure but also touches on timeless romance and heroism."



Italian American Style

Andrea Bocelli – Lajatico, Italy: 

I found your book to be a wonderful idea in communicating to America the many contributions of our Italian heritage.

(Yes, this is “the” Andrea Bocelli)



Hispanic American Style

Raphel M. – American Canyon, Ca.    

My son brought this book home from school and wrote this for me. We read the book together. I could read the questions in Spanish. My son reads the answers in English.  He said a man donated a lot of books to his school. I looked at the picture on the back, I knew the man. Leone! I took the book for him to sign. He is very humble. Thank you Senior Leone!

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