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Become an Instant Italian-American Olive Oil Expert


For me, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a serious business. It is the only cooking oil I consider using. I remember when Olive Oyl (correct spelling) was Popeye’s girlfriend.

In those days, Olive Oil was only sold in Italian neighborhood markets and Italian delis.

This blog is going to teach you about Olive Oil. Today, there is no excuse for Olive Oil illiteracy.

Remember to read: How Italian Food Conquered the World by John F. Mariani.


1] First and largest olive oil-producing state in the United States.

2] This country leads the world in per capita olive oil consumption. Spain and Italy


3] What does spemitura a freddo mean?

4] Only olive oils free of defects and satisfy the quality standards of this

organization can be designated extra virgin.

5] Most large olive oil companies have a tasting expert on staff. What is the Italian


6] Olive oil extracting method employing crescent-shaped steel blades.

7] Italian Designation code for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

8] Major Italian olive oil producers are known as Oil Cities. What's the Italian


9] Hydraulic discontinuous press method is driven by water pressure where the

resulting liquid is transferred to this device for separating olive oil and olive water.

10] This particular production skill enables Italy to be the world's biggest importer

and exporter of olive oil.

11] Olive oil is graded on two essential factors, quality, and ________?

12] In Italy, the largest production of olive oil fruit is harvested in the regions of

Puglia and _______?

13] Highest quality olive oil, containing no more than 0.8% acidity and judged for

superior taste.

14] Four major destructive agents in olive oil: light, heat, air and ________?

15] To receive this EU status, the entire product must be traditionally and at least

partially manufactured within the specific region.

16] Three keywords for the most flavorful and best olive oil.

17] The name for a single variety of olive oil.

18] In processing quality olive oil, what is avoided?

19] She is credited in John Mariani"s book, How Italian Food Conquered the

World, for doing more to promote Extra Virgin Olive Oil sales than anyone else

via television.

20] Once olives are picked in Italy, they are moved immediately for pressing.

Identify the Italian word for this facility.

21] Consuming over 80 million gallons annually, largest olive oil market outside


22] Term means the olive oil has been chemically stripped to eradicate any defects

that would normally disqualify it from being labeled extra virgin.

23] Frying in olive oil renders food crunchier, less greasy, lower fat content and

fewer what?

24] Internationally known as, The Olive Oil Hunter, this man's olive oil club can

deliver freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil to your table within days of pressing.

Who is he?

25] To receive this EU status, the entire product must be traditionally and entirely

manufactured within the specific region.

26] Lowest grade of olive oil used commercially.

27] Term indicates that the olives have been pressed to extract the oil; no heat or

chemicals used during extraction and oil is pure and unrefined.


1] California 2] Greece 3] Cold Pressed 4] International Olive Council

5] Assagiatore 6] Sinolea 7] EVOO 8] Citta dell’olio 9] Centrifuge 10] Blending

11] Pressing 12] Calabria 13] Extra Virgin 14] Age 15] PGI* 16] Fresher-Is-Better

17] Monocultivar 18] Heat 19] Rachael Ray 20] Frantoio 21] the United States

22] Light 23] Calories 24] T.J. Robinson** 25] PDO*** 26] Pomace Oil

27] Virgin

15 *Protected Geographical Indication

24**Google for website

25***Protected Designation of Origin

Taken from my Italian bilingual book, Heritage Italian-American Style.

#1621) Lured by the promise of gold and free land, the early Italian pioneers came to

California to stay. In the Mother Lode counties of northern California, they established

business in mining, cattle ranching, lumber, construction, stone masonry, fruit and

vegetable gardening and marketing, groceries, olive oil, railroads, mercantile, banking,

restaurants, hotel and boarding houses, and the wine industries. *The majority of these

early immigrants were from the Italian region of: a) Liguria b) Piedmont c) Campania

#271) Arturo Barone, the author of the excellent reference book Italians First, notes that,

in his opinion, Italians probably are the only people in the world who take their food

seriously. Not only have they created a culture of food, but they are exceptionally

concerned and vigilant about its purity and integrity. This has been perfectly illustrated

in the fact that, in February of 1998, the Italian government decided that it was time to

stop the abuse by the rest of the world of the concept of this particular and extremely

popular Italian dish. The government proceeded to codify into law the essential

requirements (ingredients and cooking technique) to create this authentic recipe. The

Italian government has officially re-stated that the fundamental ingredients of this dish

are: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and olive oil. It has been made quite clear that the

tomatoes must be plum tomatoes in 8mm dice. The mozzarella cheese must be made

from buffalo milk, and the olive oil must be extra virgin. If salt is to be used, it must be

sea salt. Furthermore, the pastry must be tossed by hand and the end result must be

cooked in a wood oven at between 420º F and 480º F. The crust must be thin and the

pastry not overcooked. *Identify this Italian dish which has been reproduced in many

variations throughout the world. Name the food. Pizza


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