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Our Roman Roots

by Leon J.

This Italian-themed quiz focuses on what Western culture has inherited from the Roman Empire. Other FREE Italian themed blogs

can be read on my book website: Tomato Lovers, Italian Operas,Italic Singers, Italian Words used in English, Become an Olive Oil Expert, Italian Regional Cuisines, Italic Surnames, Art Book with an Italian Twist, Falling in Love with Giulia (Italian Wheels) and In Vino Veritas.

Also available: Confessions of an Italophile and Novel prologue of The Spear of Lepanto with its Video Music Book Trailer

My English/Italian book, selling over 11,000 copies contains 1776 bilingual questions and answers on the significant contributions Italians and Italian Americans have made to the world in the following categories: Art, Business, Entertainment, Food, Geography, History, Literature, Music, Romans, and Sports.

1] Roman god of wine.

2] Romans used wine extensively in their cooking in conjunction with this substance that gave many dishes a sweet flavor.

3] Ancient people of Tuscany.

4] In ancient Rome, this title referred to a temporary supreme commander.

5] Ancient name for Celts

6] The Romans were the first to use this type of building material.

7] A Roman statesman, lawyer, scholar, philosopher, and Academic Skeptic, was beheaded by order of Marc Antony.

8] One of ancient Rome’s greatest adversaries.

9] I came, I saw, I conquered was uttered by what Roman leader?

10] A massive amphitheater in Rome that was originally called the Flavian amphitheater.

11] The Romans constructed thirty of these structures around the Mediterranean.

12] This new calendar was introduced in 46 BC by Julius Caesar.

13] Ancient Roman game still played today.

14] Port city of Rome.

15] He was the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

16] One of Rome’s founders.

17] Warrior of the arena.

18] This Roman emperor built Castel Sant‘Angelo as his imperial mausoleum. He also built this famous wall in England that still bears his name.

19] He led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.

20] Constructed in Rome in125 AD, this temple was dedicated for all the Roman gods.

21] Julius Caesar crossed it in his campaign against Pompeii.

22] The Second Rome.

23] Supreme deity of Roman mythology.

24] Sea battle off the coast of Greece where Octavian wins a decisive victory against the forces of Marc Antony and Cleopatra.


1] Bacchus, 2] honey, 3]Etruscans, 4] Dictator, 5] Gauls, 6] cement, 7]Cicero,

8]Hannibal, 9]Julius Caesar, 10] Colosseum, 11] lighthouses, 12]Julian calendar 13]Bocce, 14]Ostia, 15]Augustus Caesar, 16]Romulus,

17]Gladiator, 18]Hadrian’s Wall, 19]Spartacus, 20]Pantheon, 21]Rubicon, 22]Constantinople, 23]Jupiter, 24]Actium


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